Unicycling the relay for life.

First off, the Relay for Life is a event that goes from town to town where people raise money to donate and then they walk from 6pm to 6am arount a relay track. This even raised THOUSANDS of dollars to fight cancer. If you want to find out more about it click here.

Last night the relay was in Quincy so my family got together a team and we raised the money and we walked.

I was one of five people on the team walking from 12am to 6am. I brought a uni.

I Rode in one mile spurts then maybe walk a bit and kept switching on and off all night. With everone walking around the track, seeing a unicyclist was kinda interesting. Alot of people came up and talked to me and told me how good i was or tried to ride it themselves or tell me how entertaining i was. I really had a good time. I even took up the nickname “Hey Unicycle Boy” by 6 am.

This really was my first experience riding extensively in fromt of alot of people. I was happy i didn’t fall on my butt or anything.

Anyway i had an awsome time and got alot of uniing in (about ten miles maybe) and i’m really looking forward to next year.

Just thought i’d share.

That sounds really cool. Thanks for posting about it. I bet the midnight to 6 AM shift was really fun. That’s the one I would have chosen.

I recently did a charity unicycle ride, and ALL of the people involved were absolutely WONDERFUL. It was a great experience. Like you, I’m looking forward to doing it again next year!


I’m going to participate this year hopefully riding but otherwise just walking.

I was thinking of putting a hookworm and 127’s on my 26" nimbus muni, i think this set up will be good for riding around/with people.

Has anybody in Australia entered on a unicycle?