Unicycling the Heaphy Track, New Zealand

A couple of weeks ago, five of us attempted The Heaphy Track, at the top of the South Island in New Zealand. It is one of New Zealands nine ‘Great Walks’, so we had to do it on Unicycles!

Read about it on Adventure Unicyclist:

Or just enjoy the slideshow:

Brilliant ride /walk. Stunning scenery, incredible huts, well the last one had a few shortcomings, have you ever tried starting a fire with wet wood. New Zealand’s scenery covered everything from tropical like beaches and trees, rocky rivers and numerous river crossings, never ending hill climb, incredible tussock plains, surreal bush vistas and the most exciting, the downhill ride to Browns hut, track downhill varied from single track, double track, mud, rocks, streams and gooey clay. We had great hospitality and interest from mountain bikers who were all travelling the opposite way. There were 5 weary riders when we got to destination. We did traverse without significant rain while riding which is quite rare in these parts. NOTE for future uniriders “Take at least three days”, we did it in two, and it was certainly long days. Plus I got to know 4 other unicyclists.

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20’ 24’’ for this kind of riding

im going to do this soon but should i ride my 20’ (its not a trials one)
or my 24’ that is faster but has a thin tire width pls reply someone :thinking:

Hi Bezoc I would say minimum would be a 24", From picture you can see the uni’s used 1 x24, 2 x 26 and 2 x 29. you would be fair pedalling on a 20" do do any sort of long distance ride.


Awesome, really enjoyed the show. Coffee and slugs and tons of beautiful scenery, thanks.

What a cool ride, someday I intend to spend a month or longer in New Zealand :smiley:

So did you get special permission to ride the trail?

Hi Nurse Ben


This is the info sheet for riders, the use of the track for any riders is being reviewed in 2013 and as you see track is only available during certain season. Huts are the only cost if you use them and they need to be prebooked.

Hope you make it over here.

Hi Bezoc

You live on the doorstep of some really good muni trails! Riverhead is riddled with mountain bike trails and Woodhill Forest [www.bikepark.co.nz] also has great tracks to ride. I would recommend a 24" wheel with a knobbly tyre to ride these tracks, however.

Elsewhere in Auckland there is the Manukau One Wheelers unicycle club, who meet on Tuesday evenings and a juggling club in Kelston on Wednesday nights. More info here. I go to both of these clubs regularly. Soon I’ll be holding unicycle classes at The Castle on Monday afternoons.

that looks epic fun!