Unicycling the Badlands of South Dakota

This area is about 50 miles away from the site of the 2008 North American / nationals in the Black hills of South Dakota. Some good riding on the ridges - the canyons are tough.

This Video is of Austiran David Weichenberger on the first unicycle dissent of the Sheep Table Slot Canyon. It was last winter.

Mike Ray

Awesome, I’ve been wanting more from David for ages.

Haha, that looked like it would be fun to squeeze your way through.

David needs to come back to Spokane to ride with me. That was fun.

that was pretty sweet

Hah cool. When was this? Is David back in North America?

it was actually last winter when he was here – I’m just finally putting it up!


Some of that looked a little cramped to be fun:p

Wow! That was unique. I loved it!


Now that’s narrow singletrack! :stuck_out_tongue:

That was hilariously awesome. I loved watching that. It was great seeing him stay on the unicycle while forcing himself through those tiny passage ways.