unicycling termoniology

Jack Halpern wrote:
|> If we are serious about spreading the sport worldwide, we should deal with
|> the terminology problem. Since I am a professional lexicographer (yes, that’s
|> where my paycheck comes from), I am more than willing to devote time and
|> energy to this project (sigh, no paycheck (-, but I will need
|> help…Alberto, Rolf, are you with me…? I will soon post a list of basic
|> terms that I have compiled, and I hope that some response for cooperation
|> will come along.

John Foss wrote:
|> Like Alberto, I have a copy of your original terminology proposal from a few
|> years ago (actually, I think what Alberto has is 20 hours of work on the
|> terms in Spanish), but I don’t know where it is.

Of course I have Alberto’s list…

John Foss wrote:
|> I recommend you send out a summary on the email for all to peruse. I am very
|> interested in the idea, but always thought of it as your hobby project. What
|> most interests me (as a 1 language cripple) is the policy part. If we agree
|> on how we name things, it will make it easier for people to understand within
|> that given framework, as long as they know what it is.

Excellent recommendation. I’ll just add a fourth dictionary to my current list
of dictionaries in progress (-:. Seriously, I’ll do that soon, and I hope and
pray that you unics (what does that mean, anyway?) respond.

Stay on top,

Jack Halpern

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