Unicycling terminology

Alberto Ruiz wrote:
|> When translating them into German be careful with the skill descriptions. We
|> don’t want a competitor to lose a standard skills competition because he
|> wrote down coasting when he meant gliding.

Now is the time to be VERY CAREFUL about terminology. As most of you know, for
years I’ve been dreaming of publishing a multilingual unicycling dictionary, and
am seeking the cooperation of compilers in various languages.

I already have equivalents in Japanese and for some terms in Spanish, Yiddish
and Chinese. I am posting the list of English entries so everyone can make
suggestins about adding words to the list (the list does not include, but will,
the many synonyms for unicycle).

It is VERY IMPORTANT to keep termonology uniform. This is an excellent time for
the Germans to come up with a standard terminology. The most important
principles in deciding on a term should be:

  1.       Is there a current, more or less widely acceptable term?
  2.       Is the term DESCRIPTIVE? That is, "kick-up mount" is far
             more desirable than such terms as "cha-cha mount".

I don’t have the time to deal with the terminology problems in full now, but I
submit a tentative list of terms for evaluation and critiscism. ADDITIONS, as
well as SYNONYMS, are particularly welcome.

Please don’t send in questions of the kind “what does xxxx” mean? I cannot
deal with this now, but I will eventually. Every term in the list is attested
for, and is taken from various publications especially IUF skill levels and
rule books

Stay on top, Jack Halpern IUF Vice President

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B – body C – competition M – mounting P – parts R – riding techniques r –
racing S – stationary skill U – unicycles

  • – important term

against body B body form B body weight B dominant foot B extended B feet behind
frame B feet on the pedals B feet out (=Legs extended?) B foot in (in coasting)
B forward lean B forward-back balance B frame between feet B freehanded B
lean-1 B lean-2 B leaning B on wheel B one foot behind frame B one foot crossed
B one foot extended B one hand B riding posture B sitting up straight B upright
posture B waving arms B weight B wrong foot? B free B* on the pedals B? age
category C age group C artistic event C artistic riding C artistic unicycling C
background music C certificate award C chief judge C choreography C competitor
C compulsory C compulsory routine C costume C couples C difficulty C doubles C
execution C expert C figure C hoppathon C individual C International Unicycling
Feder C IUF C Japan Unicycle Association C JUA C judge C judge for difficulty C
judge for execution C judging sheet C long-distance riding C national
representative C National Unicycle Meet C nonuniycling skill C NUM C Official
Obstace Course C open C originality C panel of judges C presentation skill C
props C regional representative C rideathon C rider C riding area C riding
skill C riding surface C riding time C rockathon C routine C Rules Committee C
showmanship C skill C skill level C slalom-2 C slow race C spiral C spotter C
standard skill C stop-block C style C timer C UNICON C unicycle skill C
unicycling C unicycling skill C Unicycling Society of America C unicyclist C
unicyclist’s ankle C USA C world championship C writing judge C circle C*
figure eight C* group riding C* obstacle course C* uniball G unicycle
basketball G unicycle catch G unicycle dodge ball G unicycle hockey G unicycle
soccer G unicycle sumo G unicycle tag G unicycle tennis G 1-2-3 free mount M
accidental dismount M back mount M dismount-1 M dismount-2 M fall M flying jump
mount M forward dismount M free jump mount M mount-2 M mount-3 M mounting skill
M rear dismount M running jump mount M running kick-up mount M side jump mount
M side mount reverse M side mount reverse, leg around M side mount, leg around
M spin mount M swing up mount M turn around jump mount M free mount M* jump
mount M* kick up mount M* mount-1 M* pick up mount M* side mount M* adjusting
bolt? P axle P bearing P bearing holder P bearing holder mounting bolt P bottom
of unicycle wheel P clip bolt P cotter pin P cotterless crank P crank P crank
arm P crank arm length P crankarm P crown P flange P fork P fork blade P fork
end P frame P hub P left thread P nonfreewheeling hub P padding P pedal bearing
P pedal-1 P rattrap pedal P right thread P rim P rubber pedal P saddle P saddle
angle P saddle height P saddle post P saddle post clamp P saddle protector P
seat P seat pillar P seat post P seat post clamp? P seat post extension P solid
type holder P split block holder P spoke P tire P tube P unicycle P wheel P
wheel size P action-reaction turn R butterfly R chin on seat R distance riding
R drag seat in back R drag seat in front R figure riding R free mounting R hand
wheel walk R hands back R hill climbing R long jump R pedal-2 R pick up seat R
picking up objects R pinwheel R ride R ride backward R riding backwards R
running R seat against body R sharp turn R shoulder ride R side R sideways R
sideways wheel walk R spoke walk R touch the floor R trick R turn R turning R
wheel walk R backward R* coasting R* drag seat R* forward R* gliding R* line R*
one foot R* pairs R* pirouette R* riding R* seat in back R* seat in front R*
seat on side R* side ride R* stomach on seat R* walk the wheel R* backward
pirouette S backward spin S bounce seat S double idling S double spin S hopping
on wheel S hoptwist S idle S power spin S push spin S rock S rocking S side
idling,idle seat on side? S spin-2 S spinning S stationary skill S stop S
stopping S touch seat on floor S triple spin S hopping S* idling S* spin-1 S*
stillstand S* twisting S* backspin T frontspin T leg around T leg around
reverse T pick up seat in back T pick up seat in front T pick up seat with foot
T riding spin T to pedals T transition skill T uni spin T transition T* BC
wheel U big wheel U chain-driven unicycle U giraffe U half-wheeler? U
handlebars unit U impossible wheel U kangaroo unicycle U midget unicyle U
monocycle-1 U monocycle-2 U multiwheeled unicycle U no wheel? zero cycle? U
novelty unicycle U one-wheeled vehicle U racing unicycle U reverse drive
unicycle? U specialty unicycle U standard unicycle U three-wheeler U
two-wheeler U ultimate wheel U uni U 100 mile marathon r announcer r clerk r
coasting contest r cone r distance glide r downglide r downhill gliding race r
fast backward r finish line r flying start r giraffe race r glove r helmet r
illegal riding r juggling unicycle race r kangaroo race r kneepad r lane r lap
r lapping r marathon r medley r non-traditional race r picker r protest r
protest form r race r race recording sheet r racing r racing event r Racing
World Champion r recorder r Referee r relay r relay race r results poster r
runner r safety equipment r slalom-1 r slow backward r slow giraffe race r
specialty race r speed glide r sprint r stagger start r start line r starter r
starting gun r starting line r starting post r steeplechase r tabulator r
ultimate wheel race r UMX r unicycle motorcross r unintentional dismount r
unlimited road race r walk-a-thon r waterfall start r

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