Unicycling tennis

has anyone ever tried it i did it against my garage did about 5 hits i just wondered weather anyone else had ever played tennis on a unicycle?

sounds incredibly hard though
might wanna play doubles to have a decent game

I’ve done the same with a basket ball. I think tennis could be played if you could ride backwards and iddle well.

yea you would have to play doubles someone should try it i would but i dont know 1 other unicyclist who is local to me nether mind 3:(

I was thinking about this a few days ago when my wife made me hit some balls with her. She said that there’s competitive wheelchair tennis, and the main difference is that two bounces are allowed before the ball is hit. So, I guess uni-tennis would be possible with the two bounce rule if you are good enough at unicycling and tennis.

NO, but I have played PingPong on my unicycle. On the 20" uni’s you can Idle there and play. Ill try tennis one of these days.

EDIT: just thought Id add…so far Ive done football, frisbee, pingpong, hockey, and basketball on my uni.

I think tennis wouldn’t work very well on a unicycle. You can’t move laterally, which really affects your ability to react to a volley coming at tennis speeds, and it’s even worse when you’re idling. Balls sports work on a unicycle if they are slow-paced enough that you don’t need to react to the ball immediately.

I don’t see how the two-bounce rule would help much; the ball will be moving faster than you can ride, so if you can’t get to it on the first bounce, you won’t get to it.

Maybe it would work if you slowed it down by playing it over a volleyball net rather than a tennis net.

Similar experience to tholub; you have to change directions awfully quick, which makes tennis a lot less fun than basketball or hockey on unicycles.

you know what’s real fun, unicycle paintball. :smiley:

I have to try that someday. I’ll tell my friends to lend me 1 of their MUni and we’ll play paintball. :smiley:

Another would be unicycle football

It’d give your uni a cool paint job at least
but yeah, id love to give that a try, shame i only know one other unicyclist :frowning:

It seems reasonable to me that any ball sport that can be done in a wheelchair could be adapted to unicycling. Unicycles are just as manoeuvrable, and you don’t have to use your hands to propel yourself. Would you really be idling at all when a ball is in play?

Also, I don’t think you’d have to worry about typical “tennis” speeds because it would be very difficult to get the same extension and leverage that you can get when playing on your feet.