Unicycling-specific shorts

Hey all,
I need a nice project to do and was wondering if Uni-specific shorts would be in order. I’ve got a couple of ideas, and would like to have others submit their own.
Here’s mine:
1.Made of a durable material, possibly 1000D Cordura Nylon
2.Highly reinforced seams with durable nylon thread
3.Longer than typical shorts, so when you’re riding they don’t come up above the knee
4.Adjustable waist with clips instead of buttons/zippers
5.Zip up pockets only on the side, must not rub/chafe
6.Decent colors (I was thinking OD Green and Black)
7.Well ventilated, without compromising coverage

Discuss away! :smiley:

I always wondered why not just have that comfortable stuff already in the saddle, so you can just wear regular old shorts! :roll_eyes:

these shorts will be durable and protective, not so much on the comfortable side :stuck_out_tongue:

i don’t know… i get a long life out of my shorts. whats the point. K1 already has some. nobody but the old rich people would probably buy them. or the younger rich people. i fail to see the point when i never have had any problam with my shorts except after riding for mayn many hours in them.

I beat my shorts up, but if no one wants them, I’ll just make some for myself and give you a report on it.

The only problem i have when wearing shorts is they come up a bunch and people see my underwear :angry:

So i would probably buy them if it prevented that :stuck_out_tongue:

I was going to start sewing up some shorts just like this a while back and couldn’t get anyone super interested in the project. I would be interested in helping design, sewing and over-all representaion of the idea. If you end up going forward with this, I will buy 2 pairs for sure. If you would like to talk about design or production, email me at ben@hendrixequip.com and I can share my ideas and lend a hand.

Contrary to the comments made here, people need, want and would wear this type of product for sure. The sew-your-boxers-to-your-shorts-so-you-can-wear-them-to-your-knees crowd always feel that jeans and dirty t-shirt are fine for everything, including unicycling in 35c (100f) heat. Some of our wife’s and GF’s don’t think stinky SWAG is attractive.

yeah, do that. then people will be more interested and I’ll be nice to see what they look like

Two recommendations:

  • Start by defining the specific problem. People on here will direct you toward shorts designed for Trials or similar forms of riding. If you want road shorts your needs will be different.

  • Then work from the best pair of bike shorts you can find, making changes to make them better-suited to unicycling. “Best” should not be a factor of price; better to base it on something that works for you, or for a bunch of people you know. Some of my favorite bike shorts over the years have been cheapies (from Performance Bike).

these will be an outer short, not a cycling short, and I’m suiting them for MUni, because I have most experience with MUni.