Unicycling Song!!

Zack and I were messing around on my drums today (as we frequently do) in my room. By the way, they are hand-drums - a Djembe and some Bongos. Then Zack got my mom’s guitar and started playing to a beat I was drumming. I wailed out some unicycle lyrics, then BAM! We had a killer unicycle anthem. Then we decided to record it for fun. So we layed out my computer’s microphone and banged away.

Here it is, titled “Bang Bang Dogon”

Also, we played the song again, although with no lyrics. So it isn’t exactly unicycling-related. It’s kind of funny though, because at the beginning of the recording I sat down on my bed and the whole matress and box spring fell through the frame. The end frame fell apart too. Then zack told me to sit on it anyway, and the other side fell. So that is why we were laughing a bunch.

Here’s the link for “Bang Bang Dagon 2”

This probably belongs in Just Conversation, but I thought it might spark talk about unicycling in songs, so I decided to post it in RSU!



ya man that song kicks ass! hahaha that was fun! We will get better. I didnt even have a pick!

Later, Zack

Very interesting…

nice…very deep, meaningfull lyrics :smiley: