Unicycling song lyrics

Thought a few people might enjoy the lyrics to this song by a New Zealand
Christian band, Krusty. The lead singer happens to be a unicyclist.

Any other unicycling song lyrics out there? Simon, you got the lyrics for the
IOU song lying around? Also anyon listened to the vibraphone CD unicycle man?

> > Unicyclists for Jesus

We’re unicyclists for Jesus We’re doing the best for our King We’re worshipping
God with our bodies By unicycling

He’s full of love and compassion Powerful and He’s real We’re pledging our lives
to His service and riding on one wheel…one wheel

We’re claiming the ground that we’re riding on Adjusting our seats up high We’re
juggling our way through life’s mysteries We’re peddling till we die

Come on all you people, join the unicycle parade Taking up formation in our
unicycle crusade Leave your other wheel at home, do not be afraid For Jesus is
the commander of the first royal unicycle brigade

o o Peter Bier o O o Juggler, unicyclist and mathematician.
o/|\o peter_bier@usa.net

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