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Who here is a member? Is it worth joining? Can some members tell me about it?

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It is absolutely worth joining. It’s only $15/year.

You get On One Wheel, the USA’s newsletter. And you support unicycling in the North America insofar as the USA hosts the North American Unicycling Convention and Competition (NAUCC) and worldwide as the USA interacts with unicycling organizations from other countries.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

I am member #810. When we originally started the IUF and had individual memberships in that, I got member #018.

Not enough of the people here are members. What do you want from your USA? With these online forums, the “news” in the quarterly publication can’t compete. But the pictures and in-depth stories are stuff you won’t get here. Yes we have pictures, but we don’t have much in the way of detailed, researched articles and stories.

The USA is looking for ideas of what it needs to do to attract more members. Any suggestions, from members or non-members?

The Unicycling Society of America, Inc. (USA, Inc.) is a not for profit corporation that was founded (paraphrasing the aims and purposes in our Constitution and By-Laws) to foster social and athletic interest in and promote the healthy, wholesome sport of unicycling amoung youth and adults of North America by establishing voluntary standards of performance (our competition rule book) and sponsoring and overseeing local, regional, national and North American meets. We strive to disseminate knowledge and information on all phases of the sport to all interested parties throughout North America via a newsletter and information service. Our members also represent the unicyclists of North America in dealings with the International Unicycling Federation, Inc. (the sponsors of the bi-annual UNICONs).

I became a member of the USA, Inc. in 2000 after helping plan, organize and run the 1999 National Unicycling Convention. I became President in October of 2002 after serving as chairman of the organizing committee for the 2002 North American Unicycling Championships and Convention and the Eleventh World Unicycling Championships and Convention.

One final note: “NAUCC,” stands for, “North American Unicycling Championships and Convention.” This annual event is sponsored by the USA, Inc. The event was originally called the National Unicycle Meet (NUM) and, later, the National Unicycling Convention (NUC). In the past, it has been hosted by a local club or a group of clubs from a region. This year, due to a unique set of circumstances, NAUCC 2004 is being hosted by the USA, Inc. itself in Salt Lake City. Members and clubs from throughout North America have volunteered to help plan, organize and run the 2004 event.

For more information on the USA, Inc. (and to download a membership application), please visit our Web site at http://www.unicycling.org/usa

Tom Daniels

Expect my application soon. I’d like to see what On One Wheel is all about. If I can’t have it sent here, I will just have it go to my home address. Looking forward to attending a convention sometime, and it sounds like I would know all the details by being a member.

Overseas adresses (including APO / FPO addresses) are no problem. Overseas delivery is just a bit more expensive.

I hope that in the case of American servicepeople stationed overseas, the USA can absorb the cost of the extra postage. Normally you pay depending on where you live, so USA and Canada are the cheapest (we can bulk mail here), and places requiring airmail are more expensive.

The USA runs on a very tight profit margin with postage, however. If we can’t afford the postage for servicepeople overseas, please let me know and I’ll pay the difference.

Being a peacenik, pacifist and all, I feel like a…well, I don’t know what exactly, but I’ll chip in for this, too.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

Fear not… Shipping to an APO is no more expensive than sending to a PO BOX in NY or CA. The military picks up the cost of shipping from that point. In addition the postal rates are generally less to an APO than they are to a PO BOX in the same state. I think the Post Office is discounting the rates since we are at war. I am not sure if the rates are the same during peace time. I ship quite a bit to units overseas.

i would like to join, but im not sure exactly how to join, how to send the money where to send the money. i want the level patches really bad. i plan to send in a video in soon so i can officially be level 6!

To join the USA, Inc. please go to http://www.unicycling.org/usa/join-form.cgi. Either fill out the form on-line and print it or download a copy to fill out later. Follow the payment and mailing instructions on the form.

Try this - http://www.unicycling.org/cgi-bin/usa/join-form.cgi

Re: Unicycling Society of America

My family and I just renewed our memberships. We have been members since 1999.
The newsletter is a nice bonus to having the membership. I like knowing my dues
are going to a good place. This year the USA is hosting the 2004 NAUCC in Utah.
Half of our family will be there.
Barb K.