Unicycling Society of America - convince me to join

i’m filling out my registration to the CA Muni Weekend. anyone want to convince me to become a member of the Unicycling Society of America?



Yes, do become a member! It is THE unicycle organization in the country. By joining you will become part of the collective voice in advocating for such things as reasonable insurance rates for clubs and unicycle events. The organization sets and adjusts standards as the sport grows and develops. You also get a voice at the meetings - if you attend. You also get that nifty “On One Wheel” publication. As a member you are eligible to participate in national competitions. And most importantly, as a member you will become part of the national unicycle community. As a USA member you are recognized in the international community, too. Come-on, dude, do it!


the check is in the mail.

You’ll be glad that you did. About two years ago I asked the same question. Since becoming involved with the USA I’ve gotten back a lot more from the organization than I would have expected. The wonderful people that I have met through the U.S.A. and unicycle fraternity that has grown from those relationships far exceeds what I paid in the membership dues. In addition, the support that I’ve gotten in developing our Memphis Unicycle Club has been great.

Welcome to the USA!