Unicycling Skyline Drive on the geared 36er

Yesterday Frank from Richmond and I headed out to Skyline Drive in the Shenandoah National Park in VA with my geared 36er. It was great having two gears! Low gear with 150s climbed the climbs with ease, and high gear tackled the steep descents. The geared 36er is SO much nicer at tackling long mountain roads than my other set ups I have tried on the route.

Total ascent was 2546ft and distance was almost 30 miles. Most of that ascent was on the first 15 miles, and the first 4-5 miles were quite brutal since I haven’t trained on mountain roads for a while. Using the high gear on the long descents and maintaining > 20mph with ease is a great feeling.

I have a lot of pictures and a long write up on my blog here:

Check it out!