unicycling side effects

so i was wondering what are some of the side effects that you guys have that unicycling has caused.

here are mine.

  1. i can balence on the back 2 legs of a chair for a over minute

  2. i can balence on my bike stopped for a long time

  3. people cant trip me as much

  4. i can balence on one foot with my eyes closed for almost a minute (try it its harder than it seems then ask you non unicycling firends to do it:D )

  5. i can dirtbike alot faster and im better at snowboarding.

what are your side effects?

my cab spins on my snowboard have gotten alot better (mainly cab 5’s)

My calves have gotten huge. They were big before, but now they are enormous.

i can run faster
i can balence on almost anthing( as long as its not a spike top fence!!!) on my feet and uni and some on my hands.

I’m WAY smarter and better looking than I used to be.

I can jump higher (on feet)

Stronger. skinner. faster (on foot). and my endurance has gotten alot better.

I can stand on the stunt pegs on my bmx and do a no handed down a hill :slight_smile:

i can stand really well

I don’t find that i forget these things, but I coaster alot less when ridding a bike now

im making a uni out of an old push bike, im not to sure that it is going to work but its going to have gears a brake and be able to free wheel i have a thread on it… uni with gears, brakes and freewheeling hub … instead of just walking the bike up the garden to grind it up i rode it and found a bad side effect of riding a uni, i only rode the bike for maybe 40 meters but it felt realy weird i forgot i could steer with the handle bars so colided with most of the trees in my garden and i didnt stop pedaling as i fogot i could, i think i will try riding a bike again tomorrow to make sure i still can and because it felt so weird

riding bikes is much easier.coasting feels stupid on them now…im getting my abs back!!My right arm got bigger than my left,From jumping all the time.I havent noticed my legs though.

those v-lines that girls like
higher tolerance for pain
higher tolerance for humiliation
eat at In-N-Out more

i can now land 720s on my skis, but I think some of that is practicing my 520s more. Uniing has taught me to initiate my spin better though

After 31 years of unicycling I can honestly say I know more skills than when I started and am still learning more.

Therefore, because of unicycling, I only get better with age.

I find that I try to counter balance as im turning the corner while driving. :roll_eyes:

Honestly? Not much has changed. I still look and feel the same, I can just ride a unicycle now.

I met the best girlfriend I could ever have.

For me, it seems to have improved my motor co-ordination which is a good thing. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I wouldnt call them side effects, i would call them advantages…