Unicycling showdown

Hi everyone I just had this idea and I thought it would be pretty cool. My idea is that ALOT of unicyclist all showdown in the middle of Canada, then we can take a bus to either Lake louise or Jasper (rockie mountains) and have a BIG Muni fest there, then after that we can take another bus to Calgary to ride the wolds BIGGEST skatepark (The shaw milenium skatepark) then from calgary we can figure out a way (Im thinking bus again) to get back to edmonton and then have 1 more street or Muni ride (Millcreek Ravine has the a 15 ft drop that Pro mountain bikers come all the way here to hit)and then everyone can fly or get home anyway they wanna. I know it sounds expensive and it probably is ! but Im sure we could get a busfor the whole group for like 300-500$ so if we are 20-30 persons it woudnt be that bad. Neways you all let me know what you think about the idea.

hum I may be interested… but I dont know how much $$$$ for a plane ticket… If all of this works that will be SO AWESOME !

i wana go