unicycling shops please

hi everyone

i am looking for specific unicycle shops as there is a extreme lack of them in england. i know bike shops can fix up my uni but i would much preffer it if a actual unicyclist hu new what they were doing was fixin it.

i know of unicycle.uk.com thats where i gt most of my spares and uni’s from but its getting anoying with the postage and packing costs.

so if anyone living in the south of England knows of any good unicycle shops please let me know.

thanks joe

Unicycling shops???

y’ravin a laaarf, n’cha? :stuck_out_tongue:

Official answer:

No, sorry, I don’t know of any unicycling shops in the South.

Come to think of it, I haven’t heard of any elsewhere in the world, either. Other posters seem to refer to their local b*ke shop when talking about repairs to wheels, etc.

erm no i was not having a laaaarrrph but thanks for the reply

yeah i was just curious to find out if there was.

bedford unicycles might be the only unicycle shop around. and i’m lucky it’s located in toronto canada where i live!

but be an entrepreneur! if you think theres a market in your country, open your own unicycle shop!! :slight_smile:

Your best bet is a local bike shop with a real bike mechanic (not just a teenager with 1 days training in assembleing bikes out of boxes. Most things you might ask a bike shop to do on a uni are fairly standard bike things, like replacing bearing or trueing wheels, if one shop aren’t interested leave them and see what another say. In Reading we had a good realtionship with two bike shops, one fitted the brake to a coker for me and the other did a bearing change on a pashley muni, in each case I supplied the parts ( bearing from UDC) and their mechanic had the tools and did the work.

Wher abouts ARE you in the south of England, some might be able to recomend a bike shop.


i am located in southampton, theres a few bike shops but not many good ones.

Pick what you believe is the best bike shop around, and stick with them, talk with their mechs so they know what’s different, like the importance of a splined hub on a muni (Particularly if you broke the tapred hub ;))

Not to solve your specific problem, which is to find a local place to avoid shipping costs, but Bedford does repair work and upgrades, and so do I.

Unicycle.com in the UK do run stalls at all the main unicycle conventions in the UK where you can buy almost any of their extensive range of products.

They also attend most of the UniMeets in the UK where they can supply you Unicycles or Parts (if you pre-order). They also conduct repairs and maintenance at these events, normally for free.

The store also does repairs by mail order; we can arrange pick-up and delivery back to your home. Although this is not cheap it does give you a solution if you do not have any other.

I agree with Sarah though, if you can find a good local bike shop they are a great resource. But here is my warning… double check their work; it is so often we have to replace knackered cranks that bike shops have fitted on the wrong side. It is just something that they don’t normally consider.


I was about to recommend DM Unicycles in Christchurch - not too far from you.


"A message from Dave Mariner maker of DM unicycles.

It is an undoubted fact that all good things come to an end. Unicycle production has been moving to the far east for a number of years. This has been a good thing for unicyclists who have just started unicycling and need a cheap unicycle. However the influx of imported unicycles has made the production of unicycles in the UK uneconomic. Maybe someone else can carry on where I am leaving off. More details on this will be available on this site soon.

Thanks to all who have been my customers over the years."

Maybe he still has some stock left …

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Leo White

'tis sad news Leo but not realy a surprise.

Not so much a matter of ‘if’ more a matter of ‘when’ he would be closing down.

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the best bike shops are the new bike shops that havnt beed around for awhile. I say this becasue they are not as stuck up about everything so they are more open to things. They also give you really good service because thay are new