Unicycling shoes

I just got a new KH24 less than a month ago. One of the nice things about the pedals is that they grip my shoes really well. One of the bad things is that they grip my shoes (trail running shoes) a little too well, and it’s difficult for me to adjust the placement of my feet because of the traction. Does anybody have a suggestion for decent shoes to wear when unicycling? I was thinking of getting a pair of Vans.

I would say the most important part is just relearning how to adjust your feet.
When I got my first set of metal pedals they had the metal pins and it was almost impossible to adjust, it just took a little bit of time to figure out the pressure I needed to do it.

You might be able to do better with a new pair of shoes, but I would say it is more just muscle memory.

I have found that with different shoes it can be hard to move you’re feet. Ideally you would be able to ride one footed and be able to adjust your feet.
I can’t but when my foot reaches the top of the pedal i can lift my foot of for a split second and reposition it.

If this doesn’t work you probably want to try a different pair of shoes and find out what works for you.

I quite like riding in my hiking boots.:smiley:

My 5.10s are super sticky and I have a hard time adjusting my foot. If I’m going uphill I can’t adjust it at all. On level ground I may have success. When I wear my Nikes, I can adjust my foot easier, but it’s also easier to slip when climbing something tough. So, I like the Nikes for road and the 5.10s for dirt. I really just need to practice moving my foot while riding.

I like having HUGE amounts of grip. Either adjust your foot before you ride or learn to quickly take your foot off the pedal if you to readjust mid ride.

stickier the better. I’ve learned how to roll my foot to twist them into the correct place, and if that doesn’t work, pedaling one footed for half a revolution isn’t too hard to learn either.

I will twist my foot to adjust the position and do fairly well. Sometimes I reposition by riding with one foot for a turn. I am using five-tens.

You have all been talking about the shoes, but what are you using for the other surface–the pedals? I have been using Odyssey twisted PC pedals most of the time. I assume I would get a better grip (and have more trouble repositioning my feet) on metal pedals with pins. What pedal-shoe combinations do people like?


for uni/muniing i just wear plane old converse high tops and they are awesome

p.s. i need friends

Pedals are a lot cheaper than shoes. If the problem is getting used to too much grip, put on some cheap-o plastic pedals for a while, then go back to the grippier ones later when you’re more able to handle it. For me, you can’t have too much grip between pedal and shoe. New shoes/pedals may take getting used to, but I like the grip (and love my 5.10s)!