Unicycling shoes

What kind of shoes are best for unicycling?

From my experience (I am still learning), I think it would be one that would allow for circular motion on the pedals (to correct incorrect placement of the feet on the pedals). This too would require pedals that allow for the feet to move (i.e. ones that do not come with a rough surface).

Are my conclusions correct? What type of shoes should I try? Any specific recommendations? Please mention type as well as brands (i.e. running shoes, tennis shoes, etc. or specific models such as Adidas, Puma, etc)

Also, is it helpful to wear the same shoe every time I ride?

Shoes and pedals have a lot to do with personal preference. There are quite a few threads on people’s favorite shoes for uni.

I mainly ride off road and like shoes with a stiffer sole that also grip into the steel pins on the pedal. But you’ll see guys who do lots of extreme urban riding and tricks wearing sneaker style, soft soled shoes. Regardless of what shoe/pedal combination you use, learning to reposition your feet on the pedals while riding is an important skill and something to practice.

While you’re learning to ride a unicycle, yes I think wearing the same shoes (provided they are suitable of course) helps - it’s one less variable to deal with. I’d suggest something with a soft flexible sole so you can feel more of what is going on while learning.

My uni shoes are an old pair of running shoes. They’re not ideal but they have lots of cushion for when I need to jump off and the treads are fairly worn so that I am able to move my feet if I need to. They do however have this horrible plastic arch in the middle that doesn’t get any grip on the pedals. and they don’t afford any ankle protection.

I’m considering a switch to a pair of mid-top light hiker shoes or some mid-top skater shoes. Something with a mild tread that won’t get caught but still grips the pedals. The mid-top might (I’m hoping) give some additional support as well as prevent ankle bashing.


I use 5.10 Hi Impact shoes and they rock.

Agree on the 5.10 impacts. great for Muni. have a pair of Van’s for street riding. if i had to choose one, it would be the 5.10s. Stiff soles are a must for Muni. Soft soles are hell on your feet on rough terrain.

I like to ride Street, Trials and Flatland and I use Skate Shoes. Common brands are ETNIES, GLOBE and DC I don’t know if they sell them brands over where you live or not. But the Skate Shoes are very thick all around and are tough and great for my type of riding.

Shoes are definitely key
For muni I wear boots for ankle support, and some tread for walking/climbing
For everything else, low tops.
For both, low heal, flat bottom, minimal tread, wide, medium firm tread, light weight.
I get my shoes in Oregon, which is headquarters for Nike and Columbia, so you get lots of selection and great prices.
My current favorite brands are Cole Haan for street and Columbia for muni. But I’ve had great rocksport street and nike boots too.
Since switching to boots, I havent twisted my ankle.

Orchids have been great for me. They have a very still sole, which I enjoy. Shoes with thinner/ softer soles give you more feel in the pedal, but make my arch very very sore.

They can be found on www.danscomp.com.

They have a pretty hard compound, compared to skate shoes, so they last long. I still ride in my pair that is 2 years old. I bought a pair last summer thinking the others would be done soon, but I’ve barely ridden those yet, they look new.

never get DC’s the pair i had got holes in a week but vans are sick and volleys are cheap and have great grip…

I use whatever shoe looks good at walmart.

Ill never spend more than $20 on a pair of shoes, cause rather its my walmart brand, or some $80 skate shoe, they break apart at the same speed, and really dont offer me much difference in feel or reaction to what my foot is doing or trying to do on the pedal.

I wear leather boots that go well above my ankle, but this is mostly because I have a habit of hitting my anklebone on my cranks, and I’ve found the boots are the best way to protect them until I break the habit. I’d like to wear something lighter, though.

Flat soled, high topped Nike’s for MUni and Van’s for everything else.

This has been brought up in many threads, and my opinion is the same; 5.10 High Impacts FTW! :smiley:

I finally found the 5.10 High Impact shoes that will fit me. Today I bought shock cord to replace the laces. No more bows, no more tucking shoelaces.

Can you explain exactly what that is, and how it’s used to replace traditional shoelaces? Is it anything like this:


These look even better and easier:

Always thought about going with the Five Tens, but kept getting cheap shoes instead…finally got the Five Tens and immediately fell in love with them. I got the grey ones with some mountain biker’s name on em, but i think they are the same style as the black ones. The sole is so awesome it feels like you’re practically using clipless pedals. I love the tongue design, all one piece on the inner side, thought it was very comfortable and quite the innovation.

I thought any old shoe would do, but now I’m a FiveTen believer. I’ve probably got about 100 miles of muni and 300 miles of 36’er riding on em, and don’t see any noticable sole wear…

I wear boots.:wink:

Think “bungee cord” - only smaller and without the hooks!

I got the grey ones with some mountain biker’s name on em,…

I thought any old shoe would do, but now I’m a FiveTen believer.

If they are low tops then the biker’s name is Sam Hill and I too am a FiveTen believer. I have put about a year’s worth of muni on them and they still look and feel great. I am thinking of buying another pair before they are discontinued.

To mbalmer: Could you post a pic of it on your shoe? How does it eliminate the need for bows, or tucking shoelaces? And what is the benefit of having a stretchy bungee-type cord as a shoe lace?