unicycling shinguards?

hey im going to buy some shinguards cuz my shins are killing me!!
so wich ones do you recomend me?

I have the KH percussions and dont have any major complaints, i’ve also hear good things about the try all shin guards and the 661 4x4 shin guards :smiley:

thanx… has anybody tried 661 and try all? im just doing street/ trials by the way…

I use 661. They are pretty good, they protect pretty good:) Most people (I think) say that KH Percussion are better though those are my next ones probably!

i sue krushers.they are very good :smiley:

i use the 661’s, awesome shin pads. At first they are uncomfortable but they have to be broken in. After that you hardly notice they are there.

I had 661 4x4’s that were a little short for my leg, but fit well in every other way. As a result of being short they slid down a lot which I didn’t like and moved me to a larger size pad.

I got Roach/Raceface Indy pads to replace them, and immediately I liked them better. Partly because they are long enough not to slide down, but I also realized that the 661’s had chaffed my legs, and the Roach’s don’t. The 661’s seem a little less hot to wear, but that’s a small upside to an altogether less comfortable pad.

If my legs were a little different shape, and the 661’s fit better I think I would have been very happy with them. It may have even eliminated the chaffing issue. They are good pads and well made. They breathe fairly well. I think all leg armor is going to be hot to wear, but they were a little better than my Roach pads. The Roach pads also seem to be a little faster to put on.

In my opinion the 661 4x4 sucks… the KH percussion is way more comfy and way more protecting :stuck_out_tongue:

I got TSG shinguards for 3 years now, I’ve always ridden trials with them and they still look perfect. Without a doubt my best purchase ever :P.

661 4x4s rool.