Unicycling self esteem

Of course unicycling is very fun and a great thing to get in to, but I believe it also boosts the self confidence and self esteem from a rider. I experienced this today with a friend. I was so nervous to hop off this HHUGGGEEEEEE drop (not so really huge to others but to me , about 4 ft). After i did this i felt I could take on any obstacle that got in my way.( until i racked myself at the school parking lot)lol. If any of u believe so please share it with us!! :slight_smile:

           Thx,  Derek

oh hell yeah, i get the same thing aye, the other night a friend and i had been trying to rolling hop a 52cm ledge, and when we got it, we got on a roll pulling off all these gaps and skinnys and doing good wheel walking…its great for your self esteem

unicycling helps me out everyday with self-esteem. I know that I can do something better than anyone else in my town of 4000, and that gives me something to be REALLY proud of. and you are right, when you get something you have been trying for awhile, you get on a roll, and start doing stuff you have never done before. I was trying to ride one footed the other day, and I couldnt get it, no matter how hard I tried. I decided that was enough practice for that, and I decided to practice unispins. I finally got one, and I got VERY consistent with them. I was feeling really confident, and really good. I tried one-foot riding again, and I got 6 revolutions on my first try. I was so excited I had to stop. I was shaking too bad to even mount! :smiley: I was so proud of myself. everytime I do something on my uni, I get this feeling of elation, and that I am the greatest person on the planet. I was dealing with severe depression for awhile, and when I got my unicycle, I have been going up with the happiness. seriously. I think without unicycling, I would have tried to hurt myself. so yeah, unicycling helps me with day to day things. I know that I can do something, because there is almost nothing as hard as impossible wheel riding, or really technical mUni. the best feelings in the world to me happen on one wheel, and I wouldnt have it any other way.

Unicycling has not helped my self esteem. I’ve had to resort to begging for false praise and flattery here in the forum in order to help me feel better. I’ve even updated my sig as part of my campaign. Right now my morale is pretty low. If my campaign is successful then unicycling will have improved my self esteem indirectly through this forum.


John Childs rocks!!! He’s the best unicyclist I’ve ever met, and I’ve met Kris Holm! Ryan Atkins looks to John for hopping advice! Heck, he’s broken Profiles, he’s gotta be good! Not to mention, he’s so modest and nice to be around. Need I continue?

Well, the part about the broken Profiles is true. :slight_smile:

Yes. :smiley:

I went for a muni ride today and a little kid on a little bike told me “You can’t go in there. You can’t go in there. There’s stumps and stuff.”. Now, even the little kids are telling me I can’t ride. No wonder my self-esteem is so low. :frowning:

Yeah but little kids aren’t people.

I hope no kids read this.

Well Miles thinks your pretty darn cool, although I haven’t told him you’re a Bush-lover. He would never dream of questioning your riding technique. John Childs can ride anything.

A “little kid” told me that I couldn’t get up a minor hill once. I grinned at that one.

Kind of wrong, but it boosts your self esteem when you overtake a mountain biker on a muni ride.

Does everyone else take a tape measure when they go riding? The most accurate I measure these things is about “so high”… :roll_eyes:


I don’t find unicycling that great for the self esteem. Sometimes i get really pissed off when i can’t do something.

You do feel really great when you do something for the first time or beat your previous best height or distance or revolutions or what ever. When i first pulled off a uni spin it was pretty cool. I got the same feeling from a suicide mount but this was quickly followed by a feeling of pain…

Currently my self uni-steem is low. It’s hot outside, my unicycle keeps falling apart, and I’ve been working on the same trick for a month, at 30 minutes a day.

Unicycling is a huge self-esteme builder. When I get frustrated with learning new skills on my half-tacoed unicycle, I just drop the fancy stuff and ride around the neighborhood. I hear so many wows and holy cows and I didn’t know that was really possible comments that after 15 minutes of riding I can conquer the world on that beautiful mangled piece of dung. (I only call it that because there is not a single piece of that unicycle that is not messed up in some way.)

Did I mention that John Childs has done over 50 miles in one day?! Can YOU do that? He’s also the only one I know outside of a bike shop who can bleed an HS-33 with his eyes closed. Not to mention, would you trust anyone but him to do a good job messing with your unicycle? I know I wouldn’t. Not to mention, he’s a Republican, and who can complain about that…:wink:

Re: Unicycling self esteem

On Sat, 12 Jun 2004 22:43:17 -0500, “gerblefranklin” wrote:

>John Childs rocks!!!

See the “Award” thread. And that isn’t even for his riding!

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be sure to remove the saddle and simply sit on the seat post. this is far more comfortable - tennisgh22 on the comfort of Savage unis

That’s getting better! I like it!

Did I tell ya that I now almost own the climb up to the Rat Pac trail? Well, I do. Well, almost. It was raining in Seattle today so I headed over to the eastern side of the mountains where it was dry and sunny (and a bit windy). Rat Pac starts with a 2.75 mile long logging road climb that gains 1280 feet. I made it to the part of the climb known as “The Wall” which is the steepest part of the climb. “The Wall” is at about the two mile mark. I made it up “The Wall” but had to stop because my heart was about to explode. I wish I had a hear rate monitor so I would know how close I came to killing myself right there. After that necessary rest stop I made it the rest of the way up the climb with only a trivial UPD when a piece of gravel rock rolled under my tire. One of these days I may own that climb for real and make it all the way up with no stops.

The Rat Pac trail was one of the muni fun rides during the 2002 UNICON. There was about 30 people on that ride. What a blast. I had to walk most of the climb back then. Now I’m almost making the entire climb.

Unfortunately I was too chicken to try riding down The Rock. The Rock is a stunt on the trail where you roll down about a 6 foot cliff of rock. Every time I ride Rat Pac I think to myself “This time I’m going to try riding down The Rock”. But every time I chicken out. One of these days I’ll do it. It just looks a lot more scary when you’re standing up at the top trying to convince yourself to roll off the little root drop at the top and roll down the rock. If it was just a little bit less high I’d be more willing to do it. I’ll attach a picture of Dustin riding down The Rock back in 2002.


John is kind of like the Energizer Bunny. He just keeps going and going…

This thread promped me to write up my own thoughts and experiences, well at least one experience. John may not get self esteem from just unicycling around four-year-olds (like I do), but I think he gets some pleasure from competing with other unicyclists, or in my case, grinding me into the ground at every opportunity.

I wrote up a little piece here: <http://iunicycle.com/unilog/permalink/1692/>, and included snow photos here: <http://iunicycle.com/qp/1692/>.

Personally, nothing boosts my self esteem more than getting a “wow” out of a surprised child, or anyone for that matter. It doesn’t make me think I’m good, just happy to freak some kid out.

John is a left-wing sissy who jumps like a girl. He also has a very attractive back which I spend alot of time looking at…usually from a distance. He gets way ahead and then says, “I’ve already ridden that stunt…I don’t have to do it again. Where have you been for the last 20 minutes?”

You are correct iunicycle… While he doesn’t admit it, it is nevertheless true. I’ve seen that a couple times on the Lake Washington hill. He let’s me start first, then slowly comes up behind me and starts breathing down my neck. But doesn’t pass…he just stays back there, knowing that the sound of his creaking profiles is gnawing at my confidence, eroding my will to make the hill without falling, preparing me for my certain UPD.

Then, when the inevitable happens, it’s a little chortle as he rides by, on his way once again to reaching the top without stopping or falling.

It sure was nice that day Irene did the hill and “chicked” him. :wink:

It wasn’t a nice day for me. I don’t think I’m ever going to be able to get over that. It’s not fair. Irene has been training for the UW (University of Washington) crew team. She’s an aerobic machine. The UW has created a monster.