unicycling schools

Does anybody know about unicycling schools?

Assuming you actually do live in brazil I would just google it. Look through the members list and see if there are any other people that live in brazil and send them a personal message. good luck

antioch college (a hippy college) has like 1000 unis and says that all the students have to learn to ride one. i thought it was pretty cool.

In Cape Cod, the elementary school has like 30 unis, and the kids have to learn.

My friend from Lake Oswego, Oregon, learned to ride when she was in elementary or middle school, and it was a gym activity, apparently.

Is that you on that huge giraffe? If so, you probably don’t need to go to uni school, it looks like you already know a fair amount about unicycles

The elementary school in Scarborough Maine has everyone learn in gym class. Many of them keep riding all throughout highschool. They have like 200 kids that can ride.

that’s awesome I wish my school had a unicycle trials program…

Thanks guys, but i‘m actually looking for a professional uni school. I‘ve heard about one in sweeden, but just rumors. Thanks again

I don’t think there is a specific unicycle school in Sweden. Not that I heard of at least. Sure there are some circus schools, but no uni specific schools.