Unicycling Scars

I thought I might start a thread where people can post pictures of their scars from unicycling, heres some pictures of one of my bad shin hits…
First one is about 30secs after the hit, second is after i cleaned up a bit

I think that’s a bit early for it to qualify as a scar, eh? Some people heal up better than others. Impressive blood though…

I don’t have any interesting unicycle-related scars per-se, unless you can count a deformed collar bone. It’s easy enough to see if I hold my arm the right way…

Scars don’t bleed. Wait at least a couple months then it might be a scar.

I have a pretty good one on my shoulder as well as one on my leg from a spill I took a couple years ago. I think mine would have yours trumped but I don’t have a camera.

EDIT: looks like John beet me to the blood comment.

Most people, especially us young’uns, don’t scar very easily if they clean out the wound and let it heal properly;)

I thought I had some scars on my legs and arms from unicycling (I hate it when I have to dig gravel out from under a scab :p), but they’ve pretty much faded now.

ha, yea, I got my words a bit wrong there.

Ah, you mean unicycling injuries?

Pedal bites can indeed look impressive, but when you get right down to it, at worst it’s a couple of thin slashes down your shin skin, or a spiky bruise.

Conversation from a while ago:

“What? You just ripped your leg open, and you’re still going for it? At least put some pads on!”
“Haha, yup, that’s Chuck.”
“Are you sure you don’t want me to get the first aid kit?”
"Fine, I’ll dump some Peroxide* on it :roll_eyes: "

Off-road** rash can be much worse. Like I said, I hate digging gravel out from underneath scabs.

And, of course, there’s the few of us that have fallen bluntly and permanently damaged something–bones, brains, etc.

*The main reason I don’t have any scars. Wonderful stuff, 3%H2O2
**yeah, that’s right.

I dont have any scars from unicycling because i wear shinpads. :slight_smile:

You should get a pair they are worth it I reckon. :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha, pedal bite again?


What a coincidence that this thread should come up now:
In the 15 years Ive had my uni, I’ve never had any injuries, until last Sunday.
Was trying to ride backwards, things didn’t go right, wanted to dislodge but somehow when it was time to land, the pedal was in front of my shin–that has never happened before.
It was all so fast that I am not 100% of what happened.
I just know my fast hands did their job and broke my fall and saved my face from the pavement.
I heal fast (I eat right) and I don’t expect any scars.
In 2 more days, my shin shouldn’t be tender any more…maybe. heheh
Lucky I have shin guards from hockey…and soccer ones too…I’ll try to wear them or just not do what I was doing (riding backwards with poles).

hahah, i do have a pair of shin pads, but every time i don’t wear them, i get injured :o

Ode to a pedal-bite

With pedals light,
Swift crank-arms spin.
Sweet cobra strikes,
In a metal skin.

Pins of steel,
Unyielding jaws,
Rusted meal
From shinbone flows.