unicycling Santa Claus

Yesterday I played a unicycling Santa Claus at a institution for disabled
children. It was quite fun: I showed some unicycling, juggled with tangerines,
invited one child to be my co driver (I realized this by riding piggy back with
her, the only problem was, that my wrong beard nearby fell off while doing this)
and so on. By the way I acted as a ‘normal’ Santa Claus too and donated them
bags with nuts, tangarines and the usual things a Santa Claus has to endow to
children. A lot of photos have been taken. I will put some of the best pictures
to my homepage when they are developed.

My question now is: has anyone else played a unicycling Santa Claus yet, or am I
indeed the very first one in the world?

                                                 \\\ **********************-
                                                 c oo ********************