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I was watching the Tv today and on popped a show called Techno Games, Its a show where people build robots under sertaian regulations that do olympic and non olympic sports to see what they can do better. well the cycling event was today and most of the bots were ho hum and plain little bcycles that move much like the common remote control car and rearely do they work, little lone spark an interest in my mid. but today was much different as a BOT called"Looney Cycle was there. It was a 20" wheel that had some motors by the axle&hub with two lille fans to keep it upwright and to help it turn. It won the gold metal for that competition and was fifth in the world as speed goes (for robots) i was glad to see them also remark that they were going for the different style.(kinda how unicycling is different to bking)!
If i can ill find a Pic.:smiley:


This link was supplied some months back my GILD. Thanx GILD!


I don’t think you can claim GILD as YOURS. GILD belongs to all of us. :slight_smile:


If you think about it is more of an UW or BC wheel than actual unicycle.

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> If you think about it is more of an UW or BC wheel than actual
> unicycle.

Cranks and pedals could be added to induce the natural wobble. Then add the

Can Buster tell the difference between squirrels and monkeys? We’d hate to
lose a good monkey.

Hi, I have published a link to this robot & another Japanese one at mike.hinson.unicyclist.com

I believe from looking at the pictures that the Loony Cycle is inherently stable because of its low centre of gravity & also that the gyroscopic stability of the wheel is a major factor. Perhaps a large monocycle with a very small rider would work in the same way?

It is a great robot, I would love to see it in action.

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Frequently Buster is unable to distinguish between squirrels and watermelons. He has the brain of a dog. I measured it recently with your dial indicator setup and it is quite small.