Unicycling Records.

In rec.juggling, Dan Kane <dbkane@lax.net> recently posted and asked what the
record number of objects juggled on a unicycle was.

He claims to have flashed 8, and wants to know if that’s a record.

I would also like to know for the Been There, Done That page

While I am on the subject of records, I spoke to someone yesterday who claimed
to have seen a circus act by “One Wheel Pedro” (?) with an EIGHTEEN wheeled
unicycle; the same act included a 9 wheeled unicycle. This would clearly beat
the 13-wheeler (pictured on the Been There, Done That page).

Can anyone confirm this? Even better, does anyone have a photograph? Even better
still, does anyone have a photograph of a unicycle with even MORE wheels?

One more thing on the subject of records - what we need is someone who will
volunteer to maintain a web-page of official unicycle race records. Anyone?

Julian Orbach If you reply, beware the spam-filter.