Unicycling questions answered by "expert" at Bridges.com

All, A couple of weeks ago I bragged to you about my listing as a “unicycle
expert” at the educational Bridges web site. Gold Country Unicyclist (and Eureka
Granite Bay 4H unicyclist) Woody Hooten submitted one of the questions, so if
you’d like to read what happened, go to the URL below. You will need to type in
“unicycle” twice, as username and password, then click on the unicycle link.

And no surfing while you’re supposed to be working, so read it during lunch!

http://usa.cx.bridges.com/explorer/student/student.htm More answers will follow
later, in case your question has not been covered yet… unless you asked about
something silly like wheel walking on an ultimate, or giraffe ultimate riding…

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