Unicycling Question

I have just picked up the unicycle and have become pretty good. I can hop up and and back down stairs and hop fairly high. I would kind of like a new unicycle and i was wondering what a good choice would be. Right now i have the Torker Unistar, and was wondering if a new unicycle would even be worth it. Im not really sure if i want a 24" muni or another 20" freestyle uni.

P.S Im pretty broke since im only 14 so i want the best uni for low cost. Thanks

it all depends on the riding you want to do, it seems like trials or street. A good one for that is a nimbus trials with KH moment crank upgrade. http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=1048

yah i think that trials is fun. but how is this uni different/better than my torker… will it really make a huge difference?

It is stronger in… well, every single way - particularly the wheel which is the main part that takes strain with trials riding. The Nimbus ISIS is the best unicycle for the cheapest price, for your purpose.

hey also sorry dont meen to change the topic but with the crankspin i cant get my feet back on the pedals… any tips?

wait sorry crankflip…

Hey there, remember me from Triangle MTB?

For trials you want a big tire for increased grip, cushy landings, and bounce when hopping. You also want a double wall rim and splined hub. The Nimbus ISIS Trials with KH Moment cranks is probably the best deal on the market for a beginner trials uni that will last you a long time.

The torker you have now is an OK uni for just riding around, but for trials you will find that you can’t get good compression out of the thin tire and the cranks and hub will bend with repeated hops and drops. It also has a single wall rim which when used for trials has a very good chance of breaking/bending/flatspotting.