Unicycling Quarterly - UniTyler's NEW Zine

Here are screenshots of of my new mini-zine in Publisher (sorry about the lines; those wouldn’t be there if I printed it) that has been floating around on my computer for about a year but never got printed nor posted. All of the photos are either mine or used with permission from Unicycle.com because I e-mailed them about it and they agreed. Enjoy!

Are you going to print that or just going to put it on the internet?
You could make a magazine and put it on the internet and each mond you could upload a new magazine.That would be great :smiley:

You DIFINATELY need to put that on the internet somewhere where we can read it. If it is on the internet then you can print in color, because colored pixels don’t cost any more than black and white ones. And bigger pictures of your pages, please, It’s hard to read…

Thanks muchly! Make more when the time comes!!

That stuff rocks. Definately need to find that thing a permanent home on the internet or as part of Unicyclist.com. Talk to Gilby and see if we can add it here somewhere.

wow. that looks absoluterly great. if you did it in color it’d be really cool. the “mystery foot contest” is a great idea, also. Rep to Tyler!:smiley:

Sorry, I only got grey from you because you have red. :frowning: Maybe somone else can make up for that. :wink:

wow! great topics! I doubt I could ever make a magizine as interesting as that.

Thanks for the great response! I expected nothing more then a few “oh, it’s been tried” comments. If you give me your e-mail addresses in a PM, I will email you high rez JPEG versions of those zoomed in to only the page, not the program too. I will also take away the lines. No fee, I just love you guys and gals so much you deserve it. :slight_smile:

Have you thought about exporting the magazine as a PDF? There’s a freeware generator here that effectively acts as a dummy printer in any program. You print to the dummy PDF printer and it generates the PDF file for you. It says its freeware, so no limitations. That should work, and allow you to post it to the web in a format anyone can then read.



I’d buy that if you published it, and if you want any help with it i would be interested- just let me know…

Perfect! I’ll get a PDF up before tomorrow night!!!

Here’s the Official Unicycling Quarterly PDF in FULL SIZE! This is absolutely property of Tyler Cox and you must have permission to copy or print this for anyone other than yourself. If someone else wants it, direct them to this thread and they can have it themselves. Enjoy!

Unicycling Quart.pdf (571 KB)

The type is all outta wack… maybe it’s just my compy… i dunno. I couldn’t read the PDF’s type, but the pics looked nice.

Worked fine for me. I think it is your comp.

Cool deal with the PDF. I was able to read it fine and the fonts all appear the way they should.

I’m glad to see that you didn’t use Comic Sans. :wink:

The fonts used are embedded in the PDF file. They’re all TrueType fonts. They should appear correctly on any computer that supports TrueType fonts.

So, you better start making and e-mailing articles, guys and gals! Same goes for the foot contest, e-mail me with the answer and you’ll get your name and pic in the next issue!

I like a mag full of pictures of cox :wink:

Hello Tyler,


Really enjoyed the whole thing, nice variety of articles, light and fun. You must have put a lot of work into it, for it to look so great.

John Childs won the foot contest! Here is the full photo:

its 3 months later today. Wheres my zine?? lol