Unicycling Purchase Dilema... Input Request

Okay, here is the situation. I got a total of $45 in gift certificates to spend at unicycle.com for Christmas. Not quite enough to justify spending the difference on the Torker Giraffe I had my eye one. I had planned on getting Universe 2 no matter what, so now I have about $20-$25 dollars to spend on another video. So I was looking at these two. One Tired Guy and Unipsycho. Anybody have both? Any reviews that may help me make the decision? Ultimately I will get all of them, but what will be the best place to spend the money today?

One Tired Guy is awsome. I have this video for 2 weeks now. It is still a amazing movie.


If you are a beginning to intermediate off-road rider, Unipsycho Extreme will probably be more immediately helpful. One Tired Guy is really excellent and inspiring. They are both worth buying.