Unicycling Protection

Hey so I’m wondering what type of gear I need for unicycling. Previously I’ve used plastic pedals but I’m getting some metal ones so I’ve already decided to get some shin/knee guards. I don’t want to be in a full on body suit but I’m wondering if wrist guards or elbow/forearm guards are needed. I’ll use a helmet if I’m doing anything a bit crazy but just for general unicycling do I need to use anymore than just shin guards?

Generally leg armour, gloves and helmet are the go. Of course elbow pads, wrist pads, shoulder armour, nose warmers etc are usefull on a tumble.

How safe do you want to be? How much freedom do you want to move? It’s up to you in the end. We can tell you to be armoured, we can tell you to be un-armoured. your the one who owns the body, Do what you want with it (within reason, dont take that as an OK for raping).

The only thing i ask, if you have a gnarly crash, post your gnarly gash. there is a thread about somewhere.

most people use knee/shin pads. There are ones that KH make and the ones that 661 make, you can find other brands but those two are the most popular. you can get them on unicycle.com or you can go to your local bike store and see if they have some in stock. also gloves are a good choice and a helmet to would make a great set of safety gear

I dont think you need gloves for just riding around… More if you start trials because you fall on your hands more :roll_eyes:

And It could be bad if your metal pedals are studded (like cleets) because they can rip up your leg gear… :o:o

For me, personally, wrist guards are the minimum amount of protection I will ride with in urban areas (most likely because I broke my arm skating when I was a kid and I’m still paranoid of a tumble making it happen again).

Second to that, knee/shin guards and helmet are the minimum I require to ride off-road. I also have elbow pads, ankle braces, and some 661 “bomber” shorts because when I fall, I tend to roll on my hip and got tired of the huge bruises.

I usually don’t wear all of the above unless I’m planning on spending a long day on the trails.

You might want some body guards. Apparently people throw bottles these days.

From Futurama

Kid: Its like skateboarding but half the time, somebody dies!

Fry: So its safer than skateboarding


Seriously, if nothing else, wear wrist/palm guards! I just had an epic UPD while trying to learn to hop higher. The only thing that saved me from breaking both wrists or at best scraping and spraining them was my wrist guards. If my hands would have given another inch my face would be smashed. It doesn’t take a bad fall to get a really painful injury, and the really bad falls turn into almost nothing with the right protection. Use sense. If you’re just riding from point A to B, then you’re maybe as likely to get hurt as while walking. If you’re doing tricks, learning new stuff, or pushing your limits in any way, go for the protection. Like I said, wrist guards are an all the time thing for me.


tuck and roll:D