Unicycling Posters or Prints?

I’m going to have a move at work and this will involve getting a newer
and better office… I’d love to have some unicycling posters or
prints to put up in the new work space. Anyone know where I could get
some… not too, too expensive ones?



go click on a image, (right click) and save it to computer, then print them out, or you could buy the Kris Holm ones, of Exploring teh LImits, or somthing, theres 3 that i know of of him, 2 of the same, him jumpimng a gap big rock in Arazona or somthing, and another of One TIred Guy, i dont know of anyelse, but i wish there was lots of him and other people riding on the shore, its so beautiful there, out in the bush…sigh :slight_smile:

Re: Unicycling Posters or Prints?

I searched Google for ‘unicycle poster’ and found this:


Now THAT’S a unicycle!