Unicycling Poland

This is video prepared by Rafal Petka combining input from many Polish unicyclists. Take a look and enjoy:

The Vimeo version will be available soon, as we know that yt blocked this in some countries.

That is a fun teaser. I like the variety of riding type and riders type :slight_smile:

You have quite a network of unicyclists there. Very cool.

Now available on vimeo, should work for everybody https://vimeo.com/151557210
And thanks for supporting comments

Unfortunately this video is not available in the Netherlands,:frowning:

If you are blocked on both YouTube and Vimeo because of the soundtrack, you can use keepvid.com to download the video and play it locally. This saved me a couple of times.

I was a bit too fast with my comment, I overlooked the Vimeo version.
It works, great video and a lot of great riders in Poland!