Unicycling Pictures

Here are a few pictures of me unicycling, they are just hoping pictures though.


one more


Isnt that a DX?


This isn’t a Uni riding pic, but it’s a uni pic. And it’s recycled, 'cause it’s on another thread, too.


nice to see pictures of you poisen. I couldnt view it yesterday.


Yeah, it took a while but I finally got some. I can’t figure out how to do the whole gallery thing, but hey. I have something now. Yeah, ti’s a torker DX. That broken uni would suck! I have bent my cranks, but never really broke one in half…

It sucked. I was trying to jump over a little trickle of water that was pretending to be a creek. The approach was technical, and I felt good about the jump. There was a loud snap when I landed. It was not a clean landing- you already guessed that, right?

Haha, very un-clean landing if I must add.

I don’t wanna see your butt crack, nasty

I don’t really think that comment is justified by someone with an avatar such as yours.

…And my butt’s fine, anyhow. No damage, but thanks (ewww) for askin’…

Never, never bring up my butt again.

This is me when i first got my uni. When this pic was taken i coldnt ride for any distance longer than 10 meters.

black and white.jpg


Neat picture. You’re in color but the rest is black and white.


I know.

I guess that part of Sweden is just like Kansas in The Wizard of Oz! (1939 version for you film nerds)

Hmm, I see no buttcrack of mine, just boxers. Don’t stare so hard at my ass next time. Yeah, nice picture fexnix

but its not a butt crack…its a funny face…

I think your avatar is a little bit worse then my butt crack…

Check it out!


It’s me hopping!

It’s me hopping on my KH24! This is a chunk of a larger image, I like the shadow.