Hi Fellow Keyboard Unicyclists!

At the 1995 (USA) NUC, Craig Milo Rogers suggested the creation of a second
level internet domain, unicycling.org, which all unicycling organizations can
use to create their own third level domain such as iuf.unicycling.org,
usa.unicycling.org, jua.unicycling.org, etc.

Well after a little bit of work, we have a Sun Sparc workstation named
ecstasy.unicycling.org that has a relatively high bandwidth connection to the
Internet. It also answers to the name unicycling.org, if you forget the ecstasy
that only unicycling can provide.

So far, the only thing that is working is the ftp server, ftp.unicycling.org. On
1 Nov 1995, ftp://ftp.winternet.com/users/kfuchs/Unicycling was copied to
ftp://ftp.unicycling.org/pub/Unicycling. However, since the unicycling mailing
lists aren’t setup on unicycling.org yet, the files archives-current.text and
iuf/iuf-discuss-current.text will be available from ftp.winternet.com only. All
the archives through 1 Nov 1995 are now on ftp.unicycling.org.

There are plans to setup the mailing lists on unicycling.org and a really nice
web server on www.unicycling.org.

Please let me know what you think of unicycling.org. Also, send along your ideas
of how to make use of it. Either email me or respond via
iuf-discuss@winternet.com, unicycling@winternet.com or rec.sport.unicycling.

Stay on Top, On One Wheel,

Ken Fuchs <kfuchs@winternet.com