Unicycling on Youtube

I haven’t seen very many “well made” unicycle videos out there on the web. There’s some insane riding out there, but no decent filming to go with it.There definitely needs to be more. Personally I think Devinsupertramp on youtube made an awesome unicycle freestyle video. I tried to give it ago with my friend. Let me know what you think. Bearing in mind when this video was made he had been riding for about a month.

there are tones of good video, you just have to look. Have you checked out the Pohams channels on youtube and vimeo?

Quite interesting video for this kind of riding, so - well done.
Just avoid shots when both head and wheel are out of the frame and also try to get shadow of cameraman out of view if that’s possible.

If you think there aren’t many well-edited unicycle videos out there you clearly haven’t looked very hard. There are PLENTY of well-made videos, and they’re super easy to find.

I agree with the comments above me…
I think there a quite some good edited uni vids, if you look at the relative small amount of uni vids out there… (in contrast to skate vids,…)
and you have to keep in mind that most of the uni vids are made by the riders theirself… so no big redbull or other sponsors who film everything and put some professional editers after it :stuck_out_tongue:

however I do understand you :wink:
but like for me and many others, the riding is good, but it is hard to make a good vid (with good editing and filming) because I have nobody to film me properly or edit it well :stuck_out_tongue:

One of the best YouTube videos IMO


And another …


Very cool videos!