Unicycling on UK TV - ITV1 Daredevils 10th Feb 7:30pm

Just spotted that the Snowdon ride, that was filmed for the Daredevils series, will be shown on Tuesday 10th February 2004 at 7:30pm. As far as I’m aware it will only be broadcast in the Carlton/Central ITV1 area. I will be recording it on SKY+ and I’ll probably transfer it to CD/DVD via an S/video cable to my PC, for personal viewing of course :wink:

Cheers, Gary

sounds good! i can’t wait to see it, it was a great ride. hopefully there will be at least one clip of me as there were 20 or so riders:D

i only just found out a few days ago that the series had started, its a good job the unicycling one is the fourth one.

Unicus, will you be able to compress/upload the program for everyone to see?


Muni on Tv

If anyone saw Granada evening news a few weeks ago cos we were on that. We got a phone call after been seen in the paper then they sent a camera man and a reporter up a local fell with us and fillmed us doing loads of Muning. It was good they did it well. There’s only three of us in lancashire at themoment that we know of so contact us if there’s anymore of you out there. Prestonmuni@hotmail.com

Thanks for that Gary. I also would appreciate a way of getting hold of a copy of the programme.

Hope you can make it to Manchester for the next uni meet (21/2/04). How about you 3 guys from Preston? Whether you’re into trials, freestyle or hockey, there’ll be plenty for you to go at.

There’ll be an even bigger trials setup than last time.


on second thoughts, it might be a bit copywright infringent to do so. i would be greatfull for a copy though, i should be at the next unimeet so hopefully something can be arranged:D

that trials setup sounds cool. i missed the last manchester unimeet so i’m looking foward to that!


I’m going to put it on a mini-DVD for personal use (all the benifits of DVD on cheap CDR) along with some of the photo’s posted in the gallery. Not all standalone DVD players can play them (mine does) but PC’s usually can.

I should be at the next unimeet so if anyone wants to you can PM me and I might be able to sort something out :wink:

Cheers, Gary.

Thanks for that Gary. Can you put me down for a copy please.

I’ve got a few extra bits for the trials side of things which we’ll be using at the next Uni meet in Manchester (Sat 21/2/04).

See you there.



the show’s tomorrow, can’t wait!:smiley: just thought i’d kick this thread back up to let anyone who hasn’t seen it yet, see it.


I live in Edinburgh d’you think it will be on TV here or not???

It isn’t on down south… :frowning:


Looks like anyone with Sky may be able to recieve it…

This link says how to add extra ITV channels, but I don’t have sky so I can’t say if it would work.

This link shows a map of where ITV Central is broadcast:


not sure about itv, but im sure on sky i get every version of bbc, so i would imagine itv do a similar thing, about the 700’s or 800’s on sky i think.

my bad, i get all the bbc channels on sky,but only the one ITV, which wasnt showing it. Anybody record it. I may be at the Manchester meet.

Re: Unicycling on UK TV - ITV1 Daredevils 10th Feb 7:30pm

manic_mark wrote:
> my bad, i get all the bbc channels on sky,but only the one ITV, which
> wasnt showing it. Anybody record it. I may be at the Manchester meet.

I recorded it on DVD. About 8.5 minutes on unicycling. Split between
Will Stevens doing trials and the Snowdon group ride. Other activities
covered were Extreme Ironing and Sphering (Zorbing?).

I think the programme achieved its aim of making trials and mountain
unicyclists look like “Daredevils” but wasn’t so hot on attracting new
people to the sport. It made it all sound way too difficult - and dangerous.

Probably not as dangerous as Extreme Ironing, though. :wink:


You should upload it to the internet. For us that don’t live in UK

I don’t have a TV, and didn’t see it. However, one of the girls at work saw it and mentioned it to me. She was well impressed, and was particularly taken with, “The little ginger one.”

I’ve got it on my PC ready to go on to DVD with a load of the photos from Snowdon. I’ve cut out all the chaff (adverts, ironing, zorbing etc.) so it’s just the important stuff and fortunately I didn’t feature much :slight_smile:

Does anyone who is going to the Manchester unimeet have a portable DVD player/laptop they could bring with them? I’ll be bringing it/them :wink: with me and anyone there could view it.

No TV, we’ve got 6 in our house, not counting the TV card in my PC. I’m sure we can sort something out next time we meet up so you can see it if you want Mike. Oh and “The little ginger one”, that would be Gemma.

Cheers, Gary

:frowning: , i didn’t feature much either, well the back of my head did quite well:p i think it was quite good coverage in all, the bit about will was pretty good.

there seemed to be alot of upds shown, more than was necessary it think but there was some good riding in there as well so the sport definetely would have looked quite cool to the non-rider, which is a good thing.

unicus, i’m not sure if i’ll be going to the unimeet, but i should know by saturday so i’ll pm you then about stamping me a copy; much appreciated:D


Hi Gary,

Looking forward to seeing how they portrayed us unicyclists on Snowdon. I’ll get Stu to bring his laptop along on Saturday. See you there.


this may be a stupid comment but do you have broadband?

well i have a ‘REALLY’ fast connection at uni so if you send me a copy of the disk i dont mind uploading it.

if this is the best way of doing it maybe you could cut the file up into smaller pieces just to make d/l easier?