Unicycling on todays big thing!


Awesome to see a uni video featured on what is one of the bigger meme sharing sites around. It’s definitely an awesome video too.

Got to love the video description…“Unicycling, I begrudgingly accept you as an extreme sport.” :stuck_out_tongue:

Phenomenal riding. First ever seat whip?

Seat whip is a different trick. First ever maxwhip though.

Crazy to see Max’s video getting so much attention now, like 6 months since it was released. According to vimeo it’s gotten 169,000 views! :astonished:

:smiley: I love the attention this videos getting xD

Actually they got the video and the comment from collegehumor, where it was posted the day before and got a lot of “likes” (1.3k+).
This is a “change of heart” from collegehumor, where previous posts about unicycling were mainly about how lame it is. Under the video it says “from Mike Schulze” so probably mr. Schulze himself submitted it, and it’s possible that he also wrote the witty comment.

Max’s video on CH:
(I wrote it this way to avoid it to embed the video everybody has already seen, copy and paste the address to go to the CH page)

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It is just a very very very best video… and its impressive for non riders as well.
And it probably got into right time on some forum and now it is copied between such foras :slight_smile:
Good for us anyway