Unicycling On The Web

Does anyone know of any unicycling tips pages that break down advanced skills??? the only one I know of is unicycle.2ya.com but that seems to have stopped working, if anyonecan give me some help that’d be great,


The unicyclopedia has some reasonable descriptions of all sorts of skills: http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/The_Unicyclopedia.

All of the unicycling tips and skills related pages that I know of are in the links section here at unicyclist.com.

unicyclist.org has videos of every skill from levels 1-10, and it has some other videos of skills too…its pretty helpful

What about your own Megalist, John?

The links section here has most everything of significance from my Megalist of bookmarks. You can think of the links section here as an edited version of my Megalist.