Unicycling on the forest moon of Endor.

Codybee and I got a taste of downhill Muni yesterday.

We’re pretty novice. It’s Mostly just down mulch paths. So if you’re looking for great skill check out Muniaddict instead.

I love feedback and tips on learning.

Keep rollin’

Nice riding, but the first thing to strongly suggest is to HOLD onto the front lift handle with one hand. I’m right handed but use my left to hold the lift handle. Holding the lift handle will also help to keep you shoes planted to the pedals, and for jumps and drops. Better to start using it now to get accustomed to it. Only use one hand though.

Although this jump is way beyond my ability, he jumps to his right, with right hand free, but left foot forward, and left hand on the lift handle. This is my set up also.

Thanks, that’s just the kind of tip I need!


Really enjoyed the video. I’m at a similar level and I’ve been riding on similar trails as well. I can’t do that handle thing on hills yet, but I’m working on it. Perhaps someone - cough Terry cough - could write a little more instruction (and maybe video?) on riding with a hand on the handle.

I know. It sounds so easy to just hold on, but I’ve trained myself not to by the way I practiced.

Master Yoda says,“You must unlearn what you have learned.”

Nice vid:)

I learned to hold onto the handle just by trying to do it all the time after I learned. A lot of times I’d let go and flail w/ both arms though when I hit difficult bits, but tried to get my hand back as quick as I could.

I learned to hold on w/ either hand equally well. I thought this might help in the future, and it has. One hand often gets tired so, I just switch.

I’m an extreme novice at hopping, but it’s easier for me to hop w/ opposite foot forward of which hand is on the handle.

The holding on thing has really helped. Here’s the proof:

As those of you who have filmed Muni know, the camera does not show just how steep and rocky this really is. It’s a big leap from the mulch paths we were riding on.