unicycling on Nintendo DS

much to my surprise while playing Sega’s, Feel the Magic game for the DS…

i was suddenly forced to navigate the hero with my stylus through a level full of skinnies on a unicycle!

the level is called “monocycle”

after playing again tonite i found that the monocycle is in another level thats less technicle and more fun based. there is even a cut sceen featuring the monocycle that completely rules and if i ever find a pic of it online, its going to be a my avaitar for at least 6 months!

i found a pic online of the 1st level but the pic is really crappy and no, thats not my finger.


Wow, I may need to get that game just for the unicycling bit. Can you get to that level through some menu or do you have to complete a task or what? I have no idea how that game works.

the game is worth it…there just happens to be a monocycle in it ta boot.

you get to that level about half-way though the game, after that you can play it anytime in Memory Mode…

the best monocycle level is a bit farther on.

That looks really crude for the worlds newest gaming machine.

yeah, totaly.that one picture of one game says everything about the whole system…why did i buy this piece of crap? im selling it immeadiatly!

Thats awsome.

But PSP owns DS, completly.

I didn’t say anything about the whole system, I understand that that is just one bad photo of one game, but still, certainly wouldn’t make me want to buy one, and incidentally from what i’ve seen you sell any custom uni you build pretty damn quick so why not the DS? :slight_smile: Sorry, i’m just bitter, I was never allowed a console as a child.