unicycling on ice

9 years ago, I have been riding my unicycle on ice.
These clips were found by a skater at Disney on Ice who was making icetricks.com.
Not much later he started at the newest show of Holiday on Ice.
The rehursals were done in the same street as Semcycle!
And so I was able to ride on ice again.
This time I only had a factory made 26" tyre, but I was even able to do side-ride, dragseat, power-gliding and more (unfortunely no video yet)!
But what about hopping on the wheel, sideways ww, and… hand ww!

And this time with 2 enthousiast skaters around me…
Have a look at hit-pirouettes, a mill and the spiral -looks great isn’t?-.
Also I did power-gliding. For more skills check this page.