Unicycling on dutch MTV

I few day’s ago the dutch MTV showed some unicycling in a program named
barrio 19.
It’s a program that shows all kinds of streets/urban sport like
bmx,skating,etc and unicycling.
I record the show on my dvd recorder and convert it to quicktime.
The video shows yoggi and xavier.

If you have trouble playing the video just try VLC

I have seen a lot of those clips before. Although i can’t remember where. Its quite short for a feature in a TV program, would have thought it would be longer or interveiwed xav and yoggi.

Rock on!

The program show al kinds of small clips of streets sports.
I only converted the unicycling part.
The program is in total 30 min.

sweat, its nice to know that unicycling is been reconised as an acutall sport and not just something that a clown rides

Cool movie to bad I missed it:(

…try the convertings I just made of that:

flash 8 (5.8 Mb)
flash 6 (4.8 Mb)
Real (4.4 Mb)
Windows Media (4.4 Mb)