Unicycling on Colbert Report

Not sure if someone already posted about this. It was on yesterday. The enemy within section on Colbert Report. It was pretty interesting.

-Shaun Johanneson

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It is quite amazing how desensitized I have become to killing people will my unicycle.

I loved the domino effect quote, I laughed out loud. If a unicyclist kills a healthy person by running into them, I’m blaming it on darwinism.


Is Sam Schwartz wearing mascara? Don’t bearded ladies belong in the circus! :stuck_out_tongue:

Or the zoo. He reminds me of an ape.

My mom was not very amused with this…

Slight Dramatization. That was hilarious! <3 Colbert

I asked this question in one of the other threads but this one seems more popular.

Why is the city being sued? I am really confused by this, on what grounds? By filing a lawsuit you would make unicycling a recognized vehicle where laws prohibiting could be drafted. Without the lawsuit we would remain an unknown group and our lifestyle would remain “completely unregulated.”

I don’t know the situation in NYC but I wonder why would someone file a lawsuit. Someone please help ease my confusion.

ABQ, no city is being sued. The Colbert Report is a parody of life. He mocks and teases everyone in a fun way but tries to make it a little over the top so that no one thinks it’s actually true. :):slight_smile:

That was great

They didn’t explain the lawsuit in the video. The lawsuit is because Brooklyn Juggler (The guy in the video) has been harassed by the police several times for riding his unicycle on the sidewalks (I think 20" wheels) in areas with little or no pedestrians at all. They say he is dangerous, and give him bicycle tickets. That is all I really know about it.

I watch the Colbert Report about once a week or so. I understand the parody, he belittling the entire lawsuit, more so the defense (city) than the prosecution. I got the comedy but I know that he takes things from the news and utilizes hyperbole to take a story that I am sure the local news did, and show how ridiculous the entire thing is. I just wanted the back story to fully understand where this stemmed from.

There are now some reports online. Answered my question. Thanks Dane M

Hey, that domino effect is real!

I killed 2500 people last week when I went unicycling.

It was amazing :smiley:

Totally down with the “Darwin Award” bit…funny as hell. Gotta wonder who would have the balls to enforce such a law…if it even existed. Even more so, who would have the brass to show their face in public for establishing a unicycle law?

The enemy within

I embeded Colbert’s video on my FaceBook wall. Most of my FB friends know I ride. They seemed to get a kick out of it. The police here in Louisville Kentucky seem to be pretty cool with it. Don’t get downtown much. I will test the waters at Thunder over Louisville (the air show and fireworks to kick off Derby festival) tomorrow.

We are lucky to have a great mayor’s office that is really into bcyclng. Louisville should be top 10 by 2015 when the 100 mile loop paved bike trail is complete. Then there are miles of endless trails at Cherokee park for MUni. Cycling is big here. We need more Disc Golf courses. I just so happen to have the world class Charlie Vettiner course in my backyard.

link to more info…


Not sure if you’ve seen the info in this other link (a little ways down the page) :

But it provides a little more info about the back story & lawsuit (which is real, by the way).

The bottom line is that the City of New York is completely out of touch with reality on the hazards of unicycling on sidewalks. (Read some of the details.) Other cities have taken a more sensible approach and allow unicycles on sidewalks – so long as they do not present a hazard to pedestrians.


UPD in Utah