Unicycling on Centre Island (Toronto)

This footage is from two weeks ago when I went to Toronto’s Centre Island to ride. It’s not really a showcase of everything I can do. Just having some fun.


Tell me what you think. :slight_smile:

wrong link. right link: http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=BTRjCtthDs8&feature=user
EDIT: Nice video, I enjoyed it.

Crap. Thanks!

Cool vid, could of been 5 times better though. The music had no high or low points, there was no way for you do a decent editing job with that song. Camera was way too shaky and a lot of your tricks had the potential to look really awesome but weren’t shown because of the camera angles. The gap over the water should have been shot from the side, and the ride along the rail should have been shot from the other side to show its height. But still really cool vid, liked it much better than your bunny ain’t no rider vid.

It was a quick job anyway. I was riding, we had a camera, we filmed. I’m definitely going to think out my next vid a whole lot more. Also, my friend who was filming she’s an animator, not a camera operator. So, yeah. I knew it wasn’t going to turn out that great.
Thanks again for the constructive criticism. I’ll use those pointers to my advantage next time.

Edit: Honestly, I think of this vid of just a mini documentary of my day. Next time, I’ll have a tripod.