unicycling on carpet!

the other day i was inside (a church green room) with my friend, me on my uni. there were a few peices of wood laying round so we set up a mini long jump thing using two peices of wood. i was the first to try so i rode up but before i reached the wood i had fallen off to the side :thinking: i thought hmmm that was a bit weird lets try again. i did it again but the same thing happened! what was wrong? had i suddenly forgotten how to ride? was my uni bent?, my seat twisted? i rode back over in the other direction and found my uni pulled me the other way and made me fall off the other side. it suddenly came to me! its the pile of the carpet!

i tried riding across the room a few times but couldn’t stay on. no matter how hard i tried i couldn’t ride all the way across the room.

has anyone else ever had this experience or any other wierd baffling one?


Yes, when I was learning I had a choice of two rooms (also at my church). The smaller one has a wood floor, the larger is carpeted. I was lucky that the carpet in the large hall was okay - but it took me by surprise when I veered onto a carpetted area in a third hall and immediately lost control.

'Tis a word of warning to newcomers. I had started in my carpetted hall becaused I’d assumed it would be easier. I was lucky - others may not be…

I don’t often ride on carpet, but I often ride on rugged terrain…
:smiley: :smiley: