Unicycling on Blip Tv / Sprint PCS

Hello All,

Syko Productions has entered in an agreement with Blip TV to stream select unicycle clips on their mobile phone TV network.

If you have a Spint/Nextel phone and are subscribed to Blip Tv you can view them. I believe the service costs money to subscribe to, but the clips are “free” to view. The service is available in North America, Greater China, and Europe.

I’m not sure exactly how it works, but they will rotate different segments depending on the hit counts on them. There are bits from Defect and UNiVERsE 2. Even if you have seen these films, if you have this service, feel free to check them out! It will help keep them in the rotation…

There is actually a bit of the U2 trailer on their website at the moment if you go to www.bliptv.com and “watch blips”.


PS: Just curious, does anybody here have this service?

I never heard about that Service but it sound interesting.
They try a lot to motivate People to watch TV on their mobile phones cause all Company’s get some Problems to grow that Services.
Many people still think that mobile phones are mainly phones :slight_smile:
I will take a look if it is possible to use here in Germany.
How ever, it’s good to bring Uni Videos to every Place in the World :wink:

Thats some great news, dan!

Man, i watched some of the other blips and i was like ‘wtf?’. …but i bet most people think that about your uni stuff. :smiley: