Unicycling on an AI-rainbow

Unicycling often feels like riding down a rainbow, doesn’t it?

I asked AI to do some Picasso, Munch and Hundertwasser paintings of a unicyclist on a rainbow. Thought that this would be the right place to share it.

Any other ideas for AI-generated-unicyclist-paintings for filling the whitespace in the unicyclists livingroom?

(Just throw me your crazy ideas and i’ll give it a try…)


Wow!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3!!!


UM. I need that on my wall. Any chance you have a hi-res version? I did click download but it didn’t do the trick.

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That’ll do nicely. Thanks so much.

This is great!

Any chance you could see what it makes of the Schlumpf hub and its views / internals. Would be wild to see what planetary theme it would take from the inner cogs of these unicycle wonders



I presume the API is closed access at the moment. Don’t do any generating if it costs you!


Sorry - that did’t work properly. That’s actually not what the engine works best for.
Here is some more unicycling related stuff i created recently…this time steampunk styled…

BR Christoph


That is interesting. Dall-E2 does not seem to be able to cope with unicycles at all. I haven’t managed to get anything close to a unicycle out of it.

Midjourney also has hard times creating anything that comes even near a proper unicycle

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I tried Midjourney unicycle generations without any good results as well.

The thing is, Midjourney results need to be refined with variations to end with good results. It can use a lot of generations, and trial accounts have limited generations.

Note that you can create variations from other people’s generated pictures, and easily create an alternate Discord account using email aliases if your provider supports it (Gmail does).
For example, you can register using myemail@gmail.com, then another account with myemail+1@gmail.com, myemail+2@gmail.com, etc… But the trial channels you have access to when you sign up for a Midjourney trial are random, so you have no guarantee that you’ll be able to create variations of your previous creations (unless there’s a way to get the generation seed).

This picture carries the whimsical theme on this thread right? It’s very cool to stumble up on, but I’ve found others before, someone is making their own little mark on the countryside out here. There is a old fireplace standing by an old mine adit nearby on Miller Creek.