Unicycling on a Tightrope the Medioca Sequal!

hey guys an girls,
this is the sequal to the first one lol.
does what it says on the tin, let me know what you think on here or on you tube

thanks to christian huriwai cos he nearly helped me,to not have it this rubbish quality lol


Nice one, Lucas!

Your girlfriend is really young, though. REALLY young.

nice video. Me and my friend were actually thinkin of putting a tight rope across my pool lol this just just gives me all the more reason too. nice still stands also

Ahh what!? It didn’t work? O well…

Sweet, makes me wanna try it more now.

You must be really good at skinnies!

The intro was funny :slight_smile: Well done, it’s looks really tough trying to ride on a tight rope. Although I would almost class that as a slack rope, which I think is a lot harder than a tight rope

WHAT! No crankflips? RUBBISH!

Nice one mate, good balance. :slight_smile:

wow thats good balance! Funny start too :smiley:

awesome ! :astonished: :smiley:

cheers for comments guys all appreciated xxx

Nice balance man
I liked the intro it sounded cool

i can bearly balance good enough to go along a log…

it would be painful and funny if i had a go at a tightrope
painful and funny for all who watch
but just painful for me

well done-great inner balance

wow man thats awesome balance your gonna kill me in the trials comp as you did in street and freestyle and to top it allb your beating me at cards lol