Unicycling on a tight(but slack) wire whilst juggling 5 clubs

ok so i’ll admit that i dont really quite sort of get the hang of the 5 club bit but all the same i am proud of my learning, sorry about the angles it was very bright and couldnt see the screen aswell as having no tripod, anyone know if others have done tight wire without adapted unicyycles
most of the times that i didnt get across are because i was trying to still stand for as long as i can, i would like to get a longer wire or learn to 180 or skip on the wire
anyways enjoy!

very nice

where was that?

some park in exeter that we were working at xx

ahaha ur such a clown.

Ok that was very impressive - High FIVE!

that was cool!!
wish my balance was that good…

Very impressive mate :slight_smile: I can hardly even manage three balls on a uni…

How’s your knee BTW? Looks like it’s probably OK now by the way you’re riding.


Dee Dee diddle iddle dee dee duh duh…

Nice one mate, impressive!

That was excellent! Very impressive balance and juggling skills.

I’m waiting for your next video in a month…

WOW!! talent!! what more can i say??

wow your ballance is frigging amazing, well done

Cool, how is your five coming on these days anyway? (No slackrope :)) Ah wait you can show me at crawley :smiley: (right?)
Were you at some sorta workshop kinda thing?


yeh i was at some sort of workshop thing, dont think i can show you at crawley as im pretty sure we are working in hampton court which is a shame. infact gutting

Yeh thanks rob my knee is all sorted now still has twinges every now and then but i suppose i am getting old lol

Thanks for all comments guys keep em comin lol xxxx

good job lucas, lay off the juggling clubs though and crankflip that rope mate

brilliant, simply brilliant. Mose people would be happy just to be able to do one of those things. No you have to go and do all three at once. congrats.



Id like to be able too.... But thats not really “5 clubs juggling”… :slight_smile:
(Well, I`ve never see anyone really doing 5 clubs…)

haha i was thinking…if he mounts that on the rope i would shine his shoes…i guess i need some shoe polish =[

haha nice one -thumbs up-

lol i no its not 5 clubs in the slightest, i can barely do them on normal ground but maybe sometime soon xx

cheers for all comments very nice

did someone say five clubs?

dont go putting me down by comparing me to vova galchenko hes one of the best jugglers in the world, believe ive juggled with him, but i did not say 5 clubs is impossible