Unicycling on a conveyor belt

If you was to unicycle on a conveyor belt which is rolling backwards, would you fall forwards? If you was to be pedaling at the same speed as the belt?( you would look like you wasn’t moving forwards or backwards)

I have been weanting to try riding while on my tread mill, that would be perfect for rainy days

tha would be fun…im gonna try it at school on monday

Thease are used for training indoors on racing b*kes!

Would interesting on a unicycle!

What I had done last year was ride the moving handrail part of an escalator… mucho mucho harder than it looks.

A conveyor belt would be possible, but difficult, rollers wouldn’t be possible atall. I do fancy trying a treadmill.

I think if you rode on a convayer belt or treadmill you would still be flailing your arms to and fro if going the same speed… you could try going fast for a few sec. to the end then jst balance while the belt moves you backwards, then start over again.

Haven’t any of you guys ever walked on a moving walkway at an airport? Somehow I manage to do that all the time without falling down. I think it would be fun with a unicycle, but haven’t had the opportunity to try it out.

I have ridden on a powered treadmill though. Fun, but a little dangerous because they’re usually not very long…

I’ve ridden my unicycle on a tread mill, the only difference is that you arent controlling how fast you are going, you cant slow down to try and regain balance, other than that its not much different.

Are we talking about a regular conveyer belt? Cause form experience I’ll tell you that it’s the exact same thing as riding a unicycle… hell, I’ve even ridden down escalators… which is really weird cause it’s like riding and impossibly long stair-case… It gets hellovah bouncy too.

During the summer of 2004, I was on a research cruise and the only exercise I got was riding my Muni on the treadmill. It was a nice treadmill, adjustable speed and incline. It took some getting used to and a bit more concentration than normal but it was a great workout.

Thanks Jim for posting the pic! That does look like the same unicycle that holds the current unofficial Cliffside Retrieval record; something like 200-300’ off the Stevens Trail in my area back in January!

Next time try the other side :smiley:

oh yeah… the other side just makes you go SUPAH fast… kindof scary but nowhere NEAR as “interresting” as the other… I did it on a 20" I bet it’s a hoot on a 24". John, you should deffinatly give it a go. :wink:

There were a few of those at the Australian Bike Show where we were doing trials demos and Dan (one of the unicycle trials riders) had a go. The thing is they offer almost zero resistance!


Hi John;

Partly, the frame is the same, but I had the Beast 29er wheel (KH 29 rim with 190mm profile cranks) for our ride.