unicycling on a boat

Hello all,
In several months I will be stationed on a Coast Guard cutter in Oregon. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with unicycling on a boat. For about 9 months I have been Mountain Unicycling in Connecticut. Now I am almost ready to graduate from the Academy and am wondering how in the world I am going to keep unicycling if I am on a boat. Any tricks I can practice in a confined area? I was thinking about just practicing jumps and stuff. Any combination of tricks that would be a good workout and good for developing skills? Also, are there any unicyclists out there who are near Astoria, Oregon?
Thanks a lot!
David Wohlers

What sort of boat is it? What size?

You should definately take a rusty old unicycle as well and do some 20’ drops into the ocean. And please take some photos and videos for us if you’ve got the chance. It seems like a good chance to practice your still stands. I reckon they’re really important.


If there will be small obsticles on this boat (seats, ledges etc) you can do all kinds of trialsy stuff…

Re: unicycling on a boat

If near means between one to four hour drive, then yes.

How long will you be in Astoria? Should be some good Muni in the Coast Range out there.


Check out this post:


Good luck,
Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

I would choose the ledges more towards the center of the boat. But I’m not as daring as some of these muniacs.

The skills differ when we’re talking Bass Boat, Tug Boat, or Aircraft Carrier? I’ve seen cool video of KH on a pier handrail. You should have plenty of that kind of stuff around.

An thank you for opting to guard us. Take care of yourself.

I rode on a car ferry, if that counts as a boat. It wasn’t out on the open ocean, but it works. I did bring my uni on the tour boat though. That went out onto the ocean.

Too bad I didn’t “accidentaly” throw my savage seat into the water.

Mabye I could have convinced my dad to get me something decent.

I’ve been trying to figure out how I could ride on my Sunfish and sail it at the same time. Maybe this summer.

Good luck out there, Dave. It was nice riding with you this past year!!

I have unicycled on a floating pontoon, and there was a noticeable effect on balance, but nothing severe.

I have Morris danced on a ferry in severe gales, and leaping into the air and finding that the ship has moved by 10 feet before I landed was alarming.

On a serious point, there are several important safety considerations on boats. Boats have lots of sharp edges, lots of important equipment (winches, stays, cleats etc.) which (a) could damage you, an (b) you could damage. A slight movement of the boat could be enough to knock you off balance. You might be a long way from medical attention. And remember, the skipper’s word is law.

Be careful, but have fun.

He’s in the U.S. Coast Guard. He won’t be able to forget it!

Funny you should say that. Just yesterday, a friend suggested I save time by Unicycling on my Laser.

I gave it 15 seconds of serious consideration.

We (my son and I) did mention taking our unicycles with us on our forth coming cruise (on the P&O Aurora) but their was some objection from the more sensible member of our family.

Cheers, Gary

Yeah I have a Laser too; gonna sell it. But there’s a lot less room in the cockpit of a Laser.

Another option is to have one skinny little kid idle on the bow while I do the sailing; but then I don’t get to ride. :angry: